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We provide bookkeeping, tax return preparation, full-service payroll processing, invoicing & accounts receivable management, bills & accounts payable management, inventory tracking, QuickBooks setup, KPI dashboard setup, and corporate compliance services in all-in-one and standalone basis. Our pricing is straightforward and reasonable for both local and virtual clients. 

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We can assist you in incorporating your business, selecting entity type, appointing registered agent, getting EIN number, determining and processing for appropriate tax classification, registering your business, registering fictitious name, getting proper permits or licenses, set up virtual or physical office, arranging virtual PBX solutions, establishing online presence, setting up book-keeping and sales tax in cloud accounting platform and get into your target business field. 


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Get Licenses & Permits

Getting permit or license for your specific industry may involve the determination of tedious documentation process, preparation of them and process them with multiple agencies. We can assist you to get your seller permit, MSB licenses, occupational licenses specific to your industry and can make day to day compliance program for your business so that it remains compliant to industry-specific requirements.


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Avoid Operational Surprises

Running a small business is very challenging keeping balance among core business activities like product selection, sourcing, distribution, business development, running the day to day operation; support services like accounting; regulatory & compliance; and strategic direction of the business. Failure to align them results in frequent operational surprises, cash flow crisis and premature winding up, even after having a very promising return over first few years. Let us explain our proprietary compacct360 full circle solution and find whether it is appropriate for you.

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Cloud Accounting Solution

Bookkeeping • Corporate and Sales Tax • Payroll • Tax Resolution • Financial Planning


Quickbooks Online plus service from a CPA with Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor designation could be the best solution for your business or self-employed accounting function. Cloud-based solution from most popular accounting software provider, Intuit Quickbooks accommodated flexible plans, secured connection to your banks, integration with credible third-party apps to enhance cross-functional automation, tax ready fast processing of data, access from anywhere, anytime through connected devices, industry standard safety and security of business data, instant access to business performance data for fast decision making capability, generation of divergent reports for regulatory submission, secured communication channel between client and their accountant. We help clients to start with cloud accounting or to migrate from traditional desktop accounting platforms with proper set up of accounts, bookkeeping, and payroll services. We do provide business tax return preparation, sales tax & reporting, tax resolution and financial planning services. We disclose straightforward the involved costs, would explain the value could be added to your specific situation and the expected communication flows over the time during the engagement after figuring out your existing practices and immediate priorities. We do offer such services anywhere throughout the Greater New York Metro Area and its surroundings. Cloud platform, well-designed communication flows and reach of our professionals to widespread locations made our service deliverable to you.


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All-Inclusive Startup Solution

Incorporation • Licenses & Permits • Back Office Services


Let us help you to commercialize your business idea and exploit the US business opportunities. Sometimes figuring out all the requirements and going through each of them creating the whole set of new documents become a very time-consuming job for small business entrepreneurs. We can help you to determine the list of requirements, process each of them, keep you updated from time to time till you get into your target business field. We do offer such all-inclusive startup solution both in the States and beyond the border in divergent industries but not limited to online retailers, money transfer companies, check cashing companies, gold, and precious metal dealers, foreign exchange dealers, pawnbrokers, brick and mortar stores, FinTech startups, payment system operators. Contacting us over any of the communication channels, as specified at the bottom of this page could be the best starting point to go forward.


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FinTech & MSB Advisory

Startups • Licenses & Permits • Management Advisory • Transaction Services


We have more than ten years’ experiences of running MSBs being in divergent capacities including compliance & legal, accounting, management and strategy leadership.  We offer a full range of advisory and business services for money service businesses (MSBs), FinTech startups and other non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs). Our popular services include license processing, shaping regulatory and BSA compliance program, independent review, setting up a proper set of standard operating procedures, corporate director service, creating cross-border payments network, professionally developed business plan, internal and external audit. We do offer strategic planning, turnaround management, linking prospects in merger and acquisition transaction and subsequent execution, valuation of MSBs and FinTech startups. We offer such services in all over the States, Canada, UK, European countries, Malaysia, Singapore and in a lot more countries.  Just leave a short note about your intention to go forward.


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Compacct360 Full Circle Solution

Gap Analysis • Accounting & Compliance • Strategic Planning


Running a small business is do it yourself and multi-tasking environment. Small business owners take care of all core business activities like selecting or developing products, managing supplies, creating markets, distributing them while running the day to day operations. Moreover, they need to take care of accounting, regulatory & lending compliance and other regulatory activities either by themselves or taking help of their limited number of staffs. Attending all of them simultaneously and determining long-term strategic direction analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; and their underlying variables over the years is almost impossible for the entrepreneur and few of her aides. Such truth is implied in recent surveys, which indicate that average length of most small businesses is five to six years. We do design and offer business-specific full circle solution covering your accounting, regulatory & compliance and strategic planning needs in an integrated approach, where we identify all inclusive requirements for your specific business, analyze the gap between your existing practices and stipulated requirements; and suggest you  few course of alternatives to tweak them aligning with your business goals and immediate priorities with given resources. We would be happy to hear your story and would love to explain our methodology and how our comprehensive solution can add value to your specific business situation.


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Regulatory & Compliance Advisory

Governance Structure • Internal Controls • Compliance Program • SOPs


Regulatory compliance should start by identifying and establishing the inventory of all-inclusive requirements and such requirements should be divided into appropriate task components assignable to specific staff. Preventing failure by specific staff involving assigned jobs could be achieved by having a proper set of defenses in any entity’s governance structure, where the compliance officer and internal audit should act as the second and third layer of defense. Ultimately none of the mistakes should go undetected within the organization and the organization as a whole should run as a compliant entity keeping proper check and balance while establishing a culture of accountability. 

Most of the time, small businesses take the governance and internal control as a documentation phenomenon instead of being a tool to achieve organization-wide risk management objective. It creates inconsistent manual operation controlled by few of the staffs having no check and balance in reality. We can help you to address it in an integrated manner in align with your business nature, its environment, and available resources. We may help you in shaping your compliance programs and standard operating procedures.

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Industry Specific Solutions


We do work with divergent types of small businesses and help them achieve their business goals getting into their specific business situation, available resources and immediate priorities.


Our Story


Managing Partner

Mr. M K Khan is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Manager, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor. He has more than eleven years of experiences in setting up and running small and medium cross-border payment service businesses.  His skill set involves shaping surprise free accounting and compliance programs including tax, corporate and Bank Secrecy Act compliance, startup,  licensing, financial & strategic planning, budgeting, setting up the governance structure, internal controls, creating detailed standard operating procedures and risk management programs to achieve corporate goals in an effective manner. His work experiences include serving as a chief executive officer, chief global strategist, chief accounting officer, BSA compliance analyst, senior and entry-level accountant.

He, an MBA graduate believes that running core activities alone is not enough for long terms sustainability for small businesses, instead, they need to focus on resilient structure and compliant corporate culture with preset strategic direction. He has developed a business from its scratch to such a sustainable level where it was having almost half a million retail transactions per year and had more than 100 staffs with divergent origins in an operation exposed to huge amount of cash on a day to day operation managed with a proper set of internal controls.  

Mr. Khan is an International Executive who did work in various places including New York, Kuala Lumpur, and Dhaka. He and his medical graduate spouse got a four years old son. His LinkedIn profile is accessible at https://www.linkedin.com/in/khairuzzaman.

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