All-Inclusive Startup Solution


Let us help you to commercialize your business idea and exploit the US business opportunities. Sometimes figuring out all the requirements and going through each of them creating the whole set of new documents become a very time-consuming job for small business entrepreneurs. We can help you to determine the list of requirements, process each of them, keep you updated from time to time till you get into your target business field. We do offer such all-inclusive startup solution both in the States and beyond the border in divergent industries but not limited to online retailers, money transfer companies, check cashing companies, gold, and precious metal dealers, foreign exchange dealers, pawnbrokers, brick and mortar stores, FinTech startups, payment system operators. Contacting us over any of the communication channels, as specified at the bottom of this page could be the best starting point to go forward.



Incorporating Business Entity

Whichever state you are interested in to set up your business entity, we would hold your back till you get into your target business field. We advise on possible alternatives for corporate structure specific to your target industry and incorporate it as per your choice. We do all related arrangements to establish your target corporate entity.


Employer Identification Number

We offer a processing service to get employer identification number (EIN) to start your business in according to U.S. laws.


License or Permit

Depending on your target business activity and geographic concentration, we can determine your required license, permit or occupational qualification to start the business processing with involved federal, state or local government authorities.  Preparation, process and other relevant factors vary from industry to industry and sometime may require preparation of tremendous paper works. We can process them as per your service requirements and can keep you updated from to time so that you can remain concentrated on your core business activities and their preparation.


Fictitious Name Registration

Sometime, you may be wanting to use any name other than the corporate name in business activity. Fictitious name or Doing Business As (DBA) requirements vary from state to state. In few of the states, the processing requires various steps and filing with local agencies. We can advise, and process them as per your need.


Foreign Company Incorporation

You may be thinking or in process of introducing your business in states other than the state where your business is incorporated in or the domestic state, it may require you to incorporate your corporation in other states as a foreign corporation. We can process them as per your business plan.


Appointing Registered Agent

If you are not resident of the state where you are incorporating your business or you want all corporate communication be sent to any other registered agent’s address, you may require appointing a registered agent before incorporating your entity. We can help to appoint one and keep yearly renewal on track to facilitate your administrative works.


Virtual or Physical Office Set up

Few businesses like online businesses don’t need brick and mortar presence or most of the businesses may not need to rent expensive office till everything is set to start a business. In such situation, you may like to set up virtual presence or physical presence in limited extent while keeping the correspondent address, virtual PBX with extension to any number in the US or outside, directory listing or limited use of day office or conference room, whenever needed. We can set up such services linking with third-party providers as being the single point of contact to resolve all such issues.


Set up Accounting and Compliance Functions

We can set up your bookkeeping, tax and payroll functions and can continue to maintain them till you have your own staff. Once your set up is done, we will train your staff and handover to them with the complete peace of mind. Same setup and subsequent transition service are provided for regulatory compliance, BSA compliance, and corporate compliance. Our objective is to hold your back till you get your own set up in almost every possible angle.