Accounting and Tax Services


Quickbooks Online plus service from a CPA with Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor designation could be the best solution for your business or self-employed accounting function. Cloud-based solution from most popular accounting software provider, Intuit Quickbooks accommodated flexible plans, secured connection to your banks, integration with credible third-party apps to enhance cross-functional automation, tax ready fast processing of data, access from anywhere, anytime through connected devices, industry standard safety and security of business data, instant access to business performance data for fast decision making capability, generation of divergent reports for regulatory submission, secured communication channel between client and their accountant. We help clients to start with cloud accounting or to migrate from traditional desktop accounting platforms with proper set up of accounts, bookkeeping and payroll services. We do provide business tax return preparation, sales tax & reporting, and tax resolution services. We disclose straightforward the involved costs, would explain the value could be added to your specific situation and the expected communication flows over the time during the engagement after figuring out your existing practices and immediate priorities. We do offer such services anywhere throughout the Greater New York Metro Area and its surrounding. Cloud platform, well-designed communication flows and reaches of our professionals to widespread locations made our service deliverable to you.



Bookkeeping Services

We offer fully serviced and partially serviced & supervised bookkeeping services for a divergent type of businesses. Our experienced staffs would record your incomes and expenses under the supervision of a certified public accountant with a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor qualification. We will help you to integrate the cloud-based book of accounts with your bank accounts, merchant accounts, credit card accounts and core transaction processing system or point of sales to import them automatically into Quickbooks. Our experts will set appropriate rule to classify those transactions, in consultation with your contact person whenever needed, under the proper type of accounts. Manual entries could be accommodated as well attaching relevant paper trails in the cloud.  The whole process will ease the preparation of tax returns and would create strong trails to face future IRS audit, or will act as a reference to any future dispute resolution. We will reconcile your bank account, close your accounts periodically and will post adjustment entries to create a proper set of financial statements. In additions, we will generate a divergent type of reports to facilitate your decision-making process. Besides the core features of Quickbooks online, we will advise on many types of third-party apps to automate and integrate your day to day business processes. 


Invoicing  and Accounts Receivable

Quickbooks online accounting platform added a real-life workflow perspective in the day to day bookkeeping process by introducing sales concepts and alternative entry points of sales transactions. It has accommodated posting types sales transactions like invoicing, payment, credit memo,  sales receipt, and refund.  Moreover, it has accommodated non-posting type workflows like an estimate, delayed credit, delayed charge. Altogether, those features established bookkeeping workflows as part of core business/sales activities, instead of only being a tool for recording transactions. Our expertise and deep understanding of this most modern accounting technology will help you to introduce your business specific activities and workflows for proper accounting as well as to steer core business activity in an integrated way. 


Bills and Accounts Payable

Quickbooks online introduced a real-life workflow perspective on a day to day bookkeeping process by accommodating alternative entry points against various type of purchase transactions or activities. It did accommodate posting types transactions like expense, check, bill, bill payment, vendor credit, and credit card credit in purchase concept. Moreover, it did accommodate non-posting type activities like purchase order and billable expense. Recording transactions and/or activity at the alternative purchase concept point will allow creating a workflow that aligns the real-life purchase process and bookkeeping process flows.


Track Inventory

Quickbooks online plus accommodate tracking of each and every inventory from shelf to shipment recording and generating featured information like vendors, quantity available now, any low stock alerts, sales, purchase activity. Real-time processing in the cloud-based platform will help you to remain on track in purchase order activity and will show you sales, taxes amount at any point in time. Moreover, you may evaluate further the purchase price(s) and service comparing multiple vendors while diagnosing multiple sellers’ performances, their sales activity with respect to any specific product. 


Fully Serviced Payroll Service

We can help you process payroll right inside the Quickbooks, direct deposit in fastest possible time, issue W2s at year end, calculate payroll taxes in a correct way and file reports within the deadline. You may do it taking training and assistance from us or we may do A to Z of payroll functions for you.


Managing 1099 Contractors

For a contractor of labor, you may require tracking your pays to her on 1099 to stay compliant. Moreover, you may require to track and differentiate pays among W2 employees, contractor of labor or vendor for equipment rental. We advise on 1099 requirements, how to track them on 1099 and file them. Moreover, we do record 1099 for our clients, prepare and e-file them through Quickbooks online platform based on individual clients’ need.


Quickbooks Set up and Support

We help our clients to start their Quickbooks online accounting journey from scratch. Whether you are starting fresh, or transitioning from QB desktop or another accounting software platform or you want to continue your accounting jobs yourself after being set up in Quickbooks online, no matter, we can help you to set up each aspect of your accounting functions in Quickbooks online platform. We will help you to set up company, import data, set up proper tax classifications, set up the chart of accounts and will train you how you or your staff can continue accounting activities in Quickbooks online. 


Key Performance Indicators Dashboard

Stay ahead knowing the facts about your business activity and its trends based on your real business data. It will help you to know your strengths, how far did you went to achieve your business targets, overall performances and key indicators that portray your overall business. We work with our clients to determine their business-specific KPIs and use the cloud-based accounting platform’s real-time data processing strength to create a dashboard to display your business’ KPIs on a real-time basis. Various third-party app and their ability to integrate with Quickbooks online would help to avail a divergent type of dashboard depending on specific business activity, its model, and industry practices.