Regulatory and Compliance

Regulatory compliance should start by identifying and establishing the inventory of all-inclusive requirements and such requirements should be divided into appropriate task components assignable to specific staff. Preventing failure by specific staff involving assigned jobs could be achieved by having a proper set of defenses in any entity‚Äôs governance structure, where the compliance officer and internal audit should act as the second and third layer of defense. Ultimately none of the mistakes should go undetected within the organization and the organization as a whole should run as a compliant entity keeping proper check and balance while establishing a culture of accountability. Most of the time, small businesses take the governance and internal control as a documentation phenomenon instead of being a tool to achieve organization-wide risk management objective. It creates inconsistent manual operation controlled by few of the staffs having no check and balance in reality. We can help you to address it in an integrated manner in align with your business nature, its environment, and available resources. We may help you in shaping your compliance programs and standard operating procedures.



Governance Structure & Relevant Policy

We can help small business entrepreneurs to rethink the way the business could be done strengthening and shaping professional governance structure. Unlike human and technical skills, which most of the successful small business owners possess, conceptual skills and experiences of implementing governance structure over past few decades did result in the formulation of present corporate governance frameworks. Small business owners seldom link governance structure and written policies to real life practices. As a fact,  they deprive them of its benefits. Linking them and practicing good governance help a business being established in best-fit stance in terms of its ability to achieve business goals, efficient use of available resources and long-term business sustainability.


Internal Controls and Fraud Deterrent Structure

Segregation of duties in a way where each of the individuals’ accountability could be determined is the foundation of internal controls of key functions. Fraud takes place where opportunity exists. Internal controls attempt to squeeze opportunities to embezzle, steal, misuse corporate resources. We can help you to depict your workflows, identify key functions, introduce segregation of duties against key functions and establish accountability of each individuals taking part in key functions under a proper set of written policies and task assigning paper trails. 


Regulatory Compliance

We offer regulatory compliance services for financial institutions, where we identify all regulatory requirement in a single place, implement a structure involving operation, compliance and internal audit so that the entity runs the operation in compliance with rules, regulations and written operating procedure developed in a consultative manner.


BSA Compliance 

Depending on types of money service businesses, we can create BSA compliance program aligning with requirements, your operating processes and governance structure. Having written compliance programs is one of the key prerequisites for money service businesses.

Besides that, we can offer an independent review service to evaluate appropriateness and adequacy of your compliance programs and its implementation across your organization.


Corporate & Tax Compliance

We help our business clients to prepare federal, state and local tax returns, pay the taxes as per the requirements. We do assist in IRS audit and resolution service.

We can help you in submitting your annual/biennial corporate return to Secretary of State specifying appropriate information. Our services include renewal of fictitious name as well.


Standard Operating Procedures

We believe, if any standard operating procedure needs to be developed, which really would be followed in day to day operation of a successful business, it would involve a lot of consultation with involved member of the organization, consideration of existing practice, governance structure, introduced internal controls keeping cost-benefit and business goal aspect in mind. If you agree with us, we are the organization to offer the service of developing your standard operating procedure.


Regulatory Audit Assistance

Small businesses having regulatory audit can take our professional service of helping in communication, rectifying deficiencies and taking part in the real improvement of communicated issues. Our experience would help you to find professional avenues in your faced regulatory audit process.

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