Tech and Software Company

Tech companies’ recognition of software costs is a complex accounting issue involving its purpose, the contract, the elements of the contract, services and payment arrangements over the period. Proper accounting involves a clear understanding of recognition standards involving software development costs, and an experienced CPA can help software companies to recognize and record those costs properly.  We offer cloud accounting solution, financial planning, startup assistance, and grant or contract compliance set up services for tech companies.


Cloud Accounting Solution

We offer cloud accounting solution backed by Quickbooks online cloud-based platform. We will help you to integrate your Quickbooks with your company’s bank accounts and merchant accounts. Integration with credible third-party apps will help you to import all transaction in a very fast environment and will help in making decisions based on real transactions data. Cloud accounting will establish secured data sharing and will establish appropriate financial statements within the deadline. We provide very customized quote evaluating your business environment and transactions volume. Available features include-

  • Managing billing,  follow up and accounts receivable;
  • Managing accounts payable and recurring bills;
  • Pay W2 employees and file payroll tax;
  • Managing 1099 contractors;
  • Quickbooks set up and support;
  • Cash flow monitoring;
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting;
  • Benchmarking;
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) dashboard;


Corporate & Tax Compliance

We help our tech sector clients to prepare federal, state and local tax returns, pay the taxes as per the requirements. We do assist in IRS audit and resolution service.

We can help you in submitting your annual/biennial corporate return to Secretary of State specifying appropriate information. Our services include renewal of fictitious name as well.


Financial Planning

Even though small businesses work with limited financial resources, both the business and its owners’ personal financial planning in advance would help in achieving goals and dreams. The process involves creating detail plan in each relevant domain like the business plan, investments, debts, cash flows, tax planning, insurance, retirement and succession planning, since needs changes over the life cycle of the business.

We can help you in developing a detailed financial plan and periodic budgets taking consideration of the business, and your priorities as a small business owner in your specific situation.


Grant or Contract Compliance

Complying with governmental grant and contract rules and regulations can be challenging, particularly when it deviates from a company’s bookkeeping processes.

We can help you in developing a customized bookkeeping process so that your business remains in compliance with the terms.


Startup Assistance

We offer the following services to assist you to start your business from the scratch;

  • Incorporating your entity, including advice on entity types;
  • Applying for employer identification number (EIN) to IRS;
  • Advise on state-specific business requirements;
  • Registering your business with the state agency, if required. For example, NJ businesses need to register.
  • Registering a fictitious name, if required;
  • Assisting in the opening of a bank account for the entity;
  • Foreign company incorporation whenever expanded to other states;


IRS Audit Assistance/Resolution Service

We can help you answering IRS queries, audit letters going through correspondences, your records of transactions and supporting paper trails. 

As part of our tax resolution service, we help our clients to resolve open debt with IRS in a way debt could be minimized as much as possible. Let’s hear your situation and offer you ways to go ahead.

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